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My Approach


I understand that patterns of pain and dysfunction are often multi-layered and therefore believe in an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to healthcare. By incorporating elements of chiropractic, bodywork and movement therapy into my clinical practice, I provide a holistic service that is tailored to suit your individual needs.

What to expect


Your first appointment will involve a detailed patient assessment, consisting of a full medical history and a thorough neurological and orthopaedic assessment. All new patients will receive a full 90 minutes on their first visit. Further appointments will range between 30 - 60 minutes. 

During our sessions together, I will be using a mixture of gentle mobilisation techniques, alongside spinal and soft tissue manipulation to effect change within your neuromusculoskeletal system. 


Although we will be working together to unlock and release tightness and/or restrictions, this change is actioned by your nervous system, I am simply there to educate and help the process along. 

Alongside the hands on work, you will also receive aftercare advise specific to your needs and guidance around moving well, and injury prevention, management and rehabilitation. 

Defining Holistic Healthcare

A willingness to use a wide range of emphasis on a more participary relationship between doctor and patient; and an awareness of the impact of the 'health' of the practitioner on the patient."  


Patrick Pietroni, founding Chairman of the BHMA writing in Practitioner in 1997

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