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My career in bodywork began over twenty years ago in the French Alps, where I started to explore injury prevention and rehabilitation through patient education and soft tissue manipulation whilst working with visiting sports men and women.


After the Alps, I returned to the UK and took on a position at a chiropractic clinic in Devon where I began to appreciate how the techniques I had been taught could be used to address more complicated patterns of pain and dysfunction, those seen with conditions such as scoliosis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

Once the foundations of my remedial massage and sports therapy were established, I moved to London to join the reputable City Sports Massage team, where I learnt to integrate mindfulness and breath work into my clinical practice and refine my skills in bodywork. ​ 


In the six years that followed, I found the perfect balance between being elbow deep in bodywork as senior therapist at City Sports Massage and head high in academia whilst completing my Integrated Undergraduate Master's in McTimoney Chiropractic.


To keep my fitness at its peak and find centre amidst both my growing practice and my studies, I began to explore the field of movement and to deepen my yoga practice; working with strength and mobility, body awareness and breath as a means to rehabilitate both the mind and body.


In seeing the healing benefits observed through my own personal practice, I began to introduce elements of movement therapy into my client sessions, the results of which spurred me on to pursue a career as a yoga teacher. 


Now a Doctor of chiropractic and yoga teacher, I feel that I have found the holistic approach to healthcare that I was looking for, and I very much look forward to sharing this knowledge with you.

"An asana is not a posture which you assume mechanically. It involves thought, at the end of which a balance is achieved between movements and resistance." B. K. S. Iyengar

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